The World of the Fury Triad

I’m answering questions about Persephone Fury’s story and world. If you have any, please leave a comment or send an email, or follow the links here.

You can see the answers by following this link. More will be added every week, and sometimes more often!


For those of you who want to see some of the behind-the-scenes and real-life inspirations, if you’ve already signed up for the newsletter, you can check out my “This Crumbling Pageant Pinterest” page.  I’ve also started posting some on tumblr here.

I’d love to see the images you find that remind you of this world, too.

The Ty Canol Woods in Wales are inspiration for the sacred grove, for example.


I have top secret boards on Pinterest for The Dead Shall Live and Untune the Sky, Volumes Two and Three of The Fury Triad, as well. Why top secret? Because if you could see them, there would be spoilers!


Watch this page for more details of the world of The Fury Triad.






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