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july14coverlarge-224x300“This first in the Fury Triad series features a rich blend of fantasy, romance, historical fiction and mythology, and is bound to bewitch readers who favor any or all of these genres… This fantastic story, with an ending that hints of possible dark days to come in Magi England, will have readers eagerly looking forward to Burroughs’ next enchanting tale.”
RT Book Reviews  4.5 Stars

reader and the chefYOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! The plot is wickedly complex and I adored every time I got surprised with unexpected twist and turns. The elaborate web the author created is like an intricate musical composition: it transitions from a fairly simple rhythm into a complicated medley of every musical piece ever created. I’m still marveling how  everything I thought was right and wrong turns out to be far from what it really turns out to be.”
The Reader and the Chef   5 of 5 Stars

once upon a chapterThis Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs is an epic fantasy that ran me through the gamut of emotions: love, hate, suspense, apprehension, horror, relief, and wonder. I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much that I can’t wait to get a hold of the second one, as in I want the second one now.”   Once Upon a Chapter  5 of 5 Stars

second run reviewsThis Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs packs a punch. It combines so much mythology–Roman, Celtic, Arthurian and Christian–into one story its a wonder how it all fits together. But fit together it does and once the story gets moving it doesn’t let up until the last page is turned.”
Second Run Reviews   4 of 5 Stars

chrysoula“Patricia Burroughs is new to high fantasy (as far as I can tell), but not new to writing; she’s been a romance author and a screenwriter for over twenty years and it shows in her storytelling. The book is expertly crafted. She knows what she’s doing.”
Dreamfarmer 5 of 5 stars

“I do not like period pieces. I am more about the urban setting and my fantasies almost always involve vampires. Nor am I fond of magical tales set against a mythological backdrop. But all my notions about what I like and do not like were squashed with this book.”
The Author Visits   5 of 5 stars

misty writes stories“There are a few things I hunger for in a book. Romance. Unresolved Sexual Tension. Intrigue. Fantasy.Magic, both the emotional and the physical kind. When you take all of those elements and immerse them in Regency England, you have got my heart, my soul, and my undivided attention.”  Writing Through the Night   5 of 5 Stars

tometenderThe highly complicated plot is infused with extremely original and imaginative world building. Burroughs creates evil that permeates bone deep and gives us shocking plot twists and turns that will have you reeling.The TomeTender   4 of 5 Stars

tiffyfit“I, for one, am hooked and can only urge Patricia Burroughs
to write faster in hopes that I may read on!”
A Tiffyfit’s Reading Corner   5 of 5 Stars

wayward drui“This Crumbling Pageant is an exhilarating blend of court politics, folklore, romance, and mystery- the threads all woven together into one expertly designed tapestry. Persephone is a balanced, intriguing, and honestly fun female protagonist. She is not the prettiest, she is not the tomboy stereotype, instead she is delightfully difficult to pin down and define. The whole Fury family breathes life into the setting, pulling the plot through its paces.”
Wayward Drui, Amazon Vine Voice



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