How to Get This Crumbling Pageant in Your Library

This Crumbling Pageant, Volume One of the Fury Triad, is available in both hardcover and trade paper, which makes it perfect for libraries.

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Often, your public library may have an online form where you can request that they purchase a book. If they don’t have an online form, they may have a form you can fill out at the library, or sometimes the librarians will take requests over the phone. Call and ask who handles acquisitions for Young Adult Fiction, and they can tell you how to make a request.

The following information might be helpful:

Title: This Crumbling Pageant [Volume One of The Fury Triad]

Author: Patricia Burroughs

Publisher: Story Spring Publishing

Publication date: May 2014

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1940699042

Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1940699035

Other comments: Sometimes a library might want to know more about why you are requesting it, or where you found out about it. Adding links to national reviews [ex: RT Book Reviews] or mentioning some other reason why you think library patrons in your area will want to read the book is always beneficial.

If your library is short on funds and can’t order it, perhaps you could ask if they would accept it as a gift. Let me know if you donate a copy!

And always let me know if your library has a copy so I can add them to the list!

I send small thank-yous to anyone who does!


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