For Libraries

Growing up, most of the books I read came from Dallas libraries. The first library I remember was torn down when I was very small, but I still remember going downstairs to the children’s room, holding my daddy’s hand. It was like a treasure hunt.


The original Oak Cliff Library

Next, we went to the snazzy new Hampton Illinois Branch Library. It burned down. I can’t find a picture of it, but here is the snazziest, newest Hampton Illinois Branch Library.

I have researched in libraries from Alpine, Texas to Cornwall, England.

I love libraries. I love library appearances, talks, signings. I do them whenever possible.

Watch this space for fun library promotions to come.

Having my books in libraries is a high priority for me, so that they are available to people whether they can buy them or not. I can’t afford to give books to every library, but I will do everything I can in order make it happen.

It’s a dream of mine.

How to Get This Crumbling Pageant into Your Library



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