pooks with wand crop 2My name is Patricia Burroughs, but people call me Pooks. Yes, really.

I had insomnia throughout my entire teen years. This meant I read books in the middle of the night, and slept during class in the middle of the day. Unless, of course, I was hiding a novel inside a physics textbook. Who needed physics? I believed in magic.

Eventually I turned my propensity for scheming and daydreaming into storytelling, which manifested in award-winning screenplays and books.

If you’re looking for the romances, they’re over there.

But if you’re here looking for the dark YA fantasies… you have found the place. Poke around. Ask questions. Make yourself at home. That’s why this place is here.

You know, I still can’t sleep at night, but now it’s my own characters keeping me awake.

I hope they do the same thing to you!

How to Get This Crumbling Pageant into Your Library

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